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Before and after eye lashes extensions

...whatever color eyes you have, enhance them beautifully for any occasion with our STUNNING lash extensions from Lash Out Loud and Shavasana! Whether you're getting ready for a special date, your special day, or just tired of your own boring lashes, your eyes will POP with lash extensions from RN Medispa.


Natural-looking, beautiful lash extensions

Individual lash extensions for a truly natural effect.

-  Natural-looking

-  Natural or funky colors

-  C-curl

-  J-curl

With our high-quality lash extensions, each lash is individually placed upon your existing eyelashes for maximum impact and effect. You will notice a difference immediately, but no one else will know they're only extensions! You can even apply the same makeup styles you've always used!!

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Bat those baby blues... or browns... or hazels...

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